How it all began...

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Hi, I am Chloe, a wife and a mum of two cheeky little kids, who decided to start Impress'd when my daughter was only a few months old. I wanted to give her a special gift for her baptism and after I found a beautiful personalised bracelet online I thought ‘I could make that’. So I researched, purchased some tools and stamps and practiced (a lot) and the outcome was a gorgeous little pendant bracelet that had my daughter's initials and a love heart on it. The bracelet will be treasured as it is a keepsake from her baptism but it is much more sentimental because I made it for her.
From there, I tested different materials to ensure I was creating high-quality pieces. I then made personalised pieces of jewellery and accessories for family and friends. Even though I enjoyed creating these sentimental pieces of jewellery I soon realised that it was quite an expensive hobby! So I decided to start up Impress’d.
The name Impress’d is a little play on the word impressed (in case you didn’t get that). Firstly, hand stamping creates impressions in the metal (which is how each piece is personalised). Secondly, impressed means ‘showing admiration for something or someone’. Those who receive an Impress’d piece are sure to admire it and to be a little impressed with whoever got it for them **hint hint to all the boyfriends, partners and husbands**
My vision was to be able to give others the opportunity to have their own significant message/word/initial impressed onto a piece of dainty jewellery. Whether it be to keep for themselves or give as a thoughtful gift, I am so grateful to be able to create jewellery and accessories that are uniquely special and have so much meaning to others. 
So there you have it. That’s how Impress’d came to be. I hope you can find your next piece of personalised jewellery here, otherwise please contact me, I love creating new custom pieces!